Is investby scam or not?

A brokerage firm run by Tech FX LLC, Investby is incorporated under Belarussian laws. The registration number is 69315051. The broker is to be found at its registered address at Minsk, Minsk Region, Minsk District, ag. Kolodischi, Minskaya str, 69a-2, office 23. The broker is regulated by NBRB or the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. Investby has license number 40023. Tech FX is related to NEO Premium Investments (NPI) Ltd., authorised and regulated by CySEC or the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. The license number is 189/13. Is investby scam or not? We will analyse the answer.

Client fund security

The most current hardware and software are used to shield all data systems. Among safety measures are the following:

  • Rigorous firewalls and Secure Sockets Layer or SSL software that protects data during transmission. SAS 70 certified data centres house trading servers;
  • Transactions administered as per Level 1 PCI compliance services moderation;
  • Transactions that are encrypted;
  • Communication data servers.

Segregated accounts

Securing your funds is the broker’s top priority. Therefore, your funds are segregated from corporate operating accounts. These Deposits are placed with leading global banking institutions.

Tradable assets: Is investby a scam? Or just profitable?

The broker boasts of CFDs on more than 350 assets. The world’s leading markets are covered. You can, per the broker website, select your favorites and customize price change notifications. The tradable assets are spread over the following:

  • Cryptocurrencies

There are more than 30 crypto CFDs.

Investby trades with cryptocurrencies have no commission on deposits. There are no limits on the number of positions the trader can open. Moreover, there’s the ability to execute these trades on the web trading platform, or mobile application. The high caliber tools given by the trading platform lend traders an insight into expected fluctuations. Traders can use them for trades’ benefits.

The retail client leverage limit is 1:2, while that for professional clients is 1:1 ;

  • Forex

There are more than 45 currency pairs. there’s maximum leverage of 1:500 and floating spread ;

  • Commodities and indices

20+ commodities are tradable in the Investby trading platform . maximum leverage permitted for commodities trades is 1:125.

There Are more than 15 indices CFDs. There are more than 20 asset CFDs.

Futures CFDs on indices and commodities allow an investor to gain leveraged exposure to the movement in the underlying Future’s value without the buying and selling of the underlying asset itself.

Their maturity date defines future CFDs. If the margin level goes below the 50% margin close out level, the client will take a margin call or stop out. Hence, the position closes. Moreover, the client never loses more than his trading account equity. Investby offers Negative Balance Protection. ;

  • Shares

There are more than 30 stock CFDs. Therefore, maximum leverage offered in this case is 1:10.

Withdrawal fee

In case the client trader asks for a wire transfer amounting to less than Eur 50, the company applies the withdrawal processing fee of Eur 30, which stands for bank charges.

Swaps and commissions

Detailed conditions for the running of operations in particular underlying assets — margin requirements, operating time, leverage, lot size — are set in the Investby server and displayed in the Forex terminal.

There’s a swap payment for transferring an open position to the next working day. Swap can be positive or negative. For long and short positions, the swap is set separately. Several factors determine the swap size:

  • The ongoing market interest rate on loans to central banks in national currencies,
  • Underlying asset price dynamics on which the operation is performed,
  • Forward market state,
  • Liquidity provider swap size.

Investby can, in investors’ interest, change swap size and calculation procedure. Determining factors in this regard would be

  • The current market situation,
  • Swap size at liquidity provider,
  • The risk management policy.

When the open position is transferred to the next working day, the swap amount is calculated. The swap amount accrues to and is paid by the client trader at the time of position closing.

On the basis of the underlying asset, from Wednesday to Thursday, a triple swap is calculated, and from Friday to Saturday. For the rest of the cases, the swap is charged for a day when transferring open positions to the next business day.

The swap size is given in percentage or in points. When the swap value is to be set in points, the swap amount is reckoned with the following formula: lot size x number of days the positions are open x swap charge of the asset.

The spread with Investby may be fixed for floating. Spreads are taken into account when arriving at the financial result of the transaction at the time of position closing. Read the Investby Review.

There are no less than four formulas for calculating the commission.


Investby’s website is intuitive and user-friendly. A lot of info can be gleaned from the legal documents themselves, describing the method behind the way the broker works. Investby is bound by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. The parent company of the broker is related to a company that CySEC licenses. Therefore, the credentials are firmly in place for you to be a trail-blazer with this rising performer!




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