How to Buy Bitcoin?

Trading in the cryptocurrency market and buying bitcoin is altogether complicated for traders. They do not easily get how to buy bitcoin and what to do next for safer trades.

However, it is a simple process divided into steps that leads to easy buying of bitcoin through brokers or exchanges. With the article, we’ll analyse how traders can trade bitcoin online via the Investby.

Investby is a modern cryptocurrency exchange with the best market facilities to trade. So, let’s understand how to buy bitcoin with an exchange.

Trading Bitcoin

Before buying bitcoin, traders have to check numerous points related to the market like privacy, security features, tools, platforms, research, and other miscellaneous points.

They cannot blindly invest in the market and then suffer loss or have inadequate trading environments. To assist traders at this point, we have the best cryptocurrency exchange, Investby.

Investby is an advanced trading platform with the best facilities and security for clients. It offers data encryption, two-factor authentication, verification, mobile apps, a low fee structure, simple deposit and withdrawal with various payment methods, tools, etc.

In the trade of bitcoin, Investby provides a cold storage wallet to store the private key. This key has to be kept securely for protection from frauds and criminals.

The transactions at the crypto exchange are transparent and have blockchain technology.

The trades are recorded in the ledger, but the information is secure and not shared online. Therefore, traders of bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency have to be familiar with smooth trading procedures.

How to buy Bitcoin?

As discussed, to buy bitcoin, traders have to go step by step; here, we have discussed the steps of buying bitcoin with the Investby exchange:

Selecting Crypto Exchange

The initial step of buying Bitcoin is to decide which cryptocurrency service will be used. Traders have cryptocurrency exchanges, brokers, and payment services to select from.

Here, we have selected the latest and technically advanced Investby crypto exchange. It is introduced in 2022 and has the best services with a range of cryptos to trade.

Furthermore, it is convenient as they offer the best services, functions, and facilities to support the trade.

The trading platform at Investby is user-friendly with tools, research support, educational material, indicators, types of orders, and many more such services. They ensure the safety of the client as their priority with advanced tools.

Signing Up

The next step of the process is to sign up for a trading account with the exchange. Traders can open their accounts easily by filling in the required information and uploading the documents for verification.

The first step is to verify the email address, then upload the documents to verify identity, and then access the trading account and services of the exchange. It takes 15 to 20 minutes for the traders to open an account.

Once done, traders get the right to buy, hold and sell bitcoin online. Moreover, the wallet service makes it possible to store the bitcoin digital currency safely.

Payment Method

The third step is to connect the trading account with a payment method that will support smooth transactions. Traders can go for the following payment methods at Investby:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit/debit cards

However, it is suggested to go with bank transfers as credit/debit cards are risky for the trade because of the market volatility.

Traders can even check the fees and charges applicable, if any. Thus, they can easily connect with a payment system to buy bitcoin via Investby.

Buying Bitcoin

As cryptocurrency exchanges have become mainstream, their services have also become next-level. Investby being a modern crypto exchange, has liquidity and advanced features to make it great.

To buy bitcoin, traders can use the trading platform at Investby. They can have various order types to place their orders, choose the number of bitcoin they want to purchase, and use the tools to predict the market changes.

For buying, traders have to first open their trading account by logging in and then use the trading platform to buy. They search the cryptocurrency on the platform, for Bitcoin traders can enter BTC, its code.

After selecting the crypto, they can enter the number of coins they want to purchase. Next, they execute the trade by using the order types such as they can place a limit order, stop-order, or any other they find useful.

Even traders can have recurring investment options to the dollar cost of their investments or any other.

Storage/ Wallets

Investby has the most amazing facility to secure the digital assets of its clients. Traders can safely store their bitcoin coins in the cold and hot wallets available at the exchange.

They provide the clients with the option to choose between these storage types and offer a private key to the store. Traders are expected to not share their private keys with anyone to ensure safety.

Cold Wallet

Cold wallets are the offline storage of digital assets. It is considered secure as there is no online presence which makes it secure from the thefts and frauds online.

Hot Wallets

Hot wallets are online storage of virtual assets. Traders can keep their funds online and access them.

Traders should use strong passwords and keep their private keys secure for safety. They should not share it with anyone to have the bitcoin stored securely and trade them easily whenever they want.

Other than this, traders can have alternative ways to trade bitcoin; they can buy, hold, and sell bitcoin whenever they want once purchased. Investby has a credit card, PayPal, and other methods for trading.

Moreover, it could be used for the transfer and payment online of the bitcoin purchased.

Manage Investment

The last step of a bitcoin purchase is to manage the investment made by monitoring the market, checking with online accounts, and being a regular trader. For easy access, traders can use the Investby mobile app.

The app makes it comfortable for traders to invest and check the market anytime of the day.


In how to buy bitcoin, traders have surely thought it must be difficult. But the article has reduced all these illusions. With Investby, traders can buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies simply with a trading account.

They have low fees, advanced tools, indicators, trading platforms, and much more to help traders. All the process of buying bitcoin is described in the article, and this will certainly make the trade a more successful experience.




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